Blaster sprites, Advanced


Update on emulator issue, Oct 31st, 2018

Atari legend Nicolas Pomarède points out that it doesn’t really make sense to combine the NFSR and FXSR bits the way I do. And he’s right!

My mistake was relying on emulators while writing this, and using the NFSR and FXSR bits this way was the only way I could make it work. So…


Someone to figure out what is going wrong here. Please email me your findings at - thanks in advance!

v 1.04, Oct 23rd, 2018 - There was bug in X clipping when showing fewer than the 16 rightmost pixels. It displayed fine in STEem, which is why I missed it.


GCC, C loops and dbra...

For those of you working on GCC projects with an eye on code generation, you’ve probably wondered why GCC doesn’t always emit DBRA instructions for C loops. In fact, it rarely emits them - the stars need to be aligned just right. And sometimes you’ll be faced with something so ugly and inexplicable for a loop that it might put you off using the compiler at all… First thing to realise here is that its not always ‘crap compiler’ but often ‘garbage in, garbage out’. »